Dave Nadig

Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research, ETFtrends.com and ETFdb.com

ETF industry pioneer Dave Nadig is Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research at ETF Trends (ETFTrends.com) and ETF Database (ETFdb.com).

Nadig comes with 25 years of ETF experience, most recently as Managing Director of ETF.com, where he helped grow the business and provide expert commentary for the past decade. Before that, he managed mutual funds at startup MetaMarkets.com, and was a Managing Director at Barclays Global Investors in the 1990s. He’s widely leveraged by media and institutions as a key expert in the field.   

Dave has been involved in researching, reporting and analyzing the investment management industry for more than 20 years, and recently co-authored a definitive book on ETFs, “A Comprehensive Guide To Exchange-Traded Funds,” for the CFA Institute.

As a managing director at Barclays Global Investors, Dave helped design and market some of the first ETFs. With partner Don Luskin, he went on to found MetaMarkets.com, a revolutionary transparent mutual fund company that pushed fund disclosure to the top of the SEC agenda. As co-founder at Cerulli Associates in the early ’90s, he conducted some of the first research on fee-only financial advisors and the rise of indexing. Dave is widely quoted in the financial press, a regular speaker at finance conferences, and publishes a widely read blog at ETF.com. He has an MBA in finance from Boston University.